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Pickleball Profit: Making Money, Investing, and Profiting

Hey there, I’ve been in the investing game since ’95 and picked up pickleball during the pandemic. Let me tell you, there’s serious potential for making money and investing in this sport.

Pickleball’s booming in the States—it’s the fastest-growing sport around. If you haven’t given it a shot yet, I strongly suggest you do. It’s way easier to get the hang of than tennis—I should know, I was a USTA 5.0 player for five years. Plus, more and more clubs and parks are adding pickleball courts, making it super accessible.

A decent paddle will only set you back around 60 bucks, and a can of three balls goes for about 8 bucks. Once you’ve got some solid sports shoes, you’re good to go.

And it’s not just about the game—it’s a fantastic workout and a great way to connect with folks. I’ve met over sixty new people in just a year of playing.

Pickleball presents an awesome chance to make some cash. Big names like Kevin Durant, Lebron James, Eva Longoria, Michael Phelps, Heidi Klum, Tom Ricketts, and Mark Cuban have already put their money into pickleball teams. And I bet there’ll be even more heavy hitters jumping on board soon.

When it comes to making money, it’s key to invest in trends that’ll stick around for the long haul. And pickleball? It’s one of the most promising long-term growth trends out there today.

Here are eight ways you can cash in on pickleball.

1) Coaching and instruction

If you’ve got some serious skills in pickleball, you’ve got a great opportunity to offer coaching services to folks, whether one-on-one or in groups. Plenty of people out there are keen to learn the game or take their skills up a notch, and they’re willing to pay for some expert guidance.

Coaches can easily rake in $50 an hour or even more. Take my buddy in San Francisco, for example—he’s pulling in $140 an hour teaching groups of up to four players, and we’re on a similar level.

Teaching’s probably the simplest way to make some money from pickleball. All you really need is the ability to book courts, a good grasp of the rules, at least an intermediate skill level (around 4.0), and a decent amount of people skills.

2) Organizing Tournaments and Events

Thinking about bringing some pickleball action to your neighborhood? You could put together and host pickleball tournaments or events right in your area. These get-togethers can draw in players and fans, giving you a chance to make some money from entry fees, sponsorships, snack stands, or selling cool pickleball gear.

3) Selling Equipment and Gear

How about starting up your own business selling pickleball gear? You could offer paddles, balls, clothing, court accessories, and all sorts of stuff. Set up an online shop, get involved in trade shows, or team up with sports stores in your area.

The pickleball paddle tech is pretty fresh. Right now, it’s probably easier than ever to come up with some new tech. You could also try out new designs and shapes while you’re at it.

4) Own a Pickleball Facility or Club

If you’ve got the means and there’s a demand in your area, think about starting up a pickleball spot or club. It could have indoor or outdoor courts, perks, memberships, lessons, and leagues. Money-wise, you could bring in cash from membership fees, renting out courts, hosting events, and selling snacks.

Since opening a new spot can be pricey, you might want to think about becoming a limited partner. Or, you could invest in companies that are making pickleball spots, like Lifetime Fitness

5)Online Content and Courses

Why not start up a blog, YouTube channel, or podcast all about pickleball? You could share tips, tricks, and stories, and then make money by selling ads, getting affiliate deals, nabbing sponsorships, offering paid subscriptions, or selling your own instructional videos or online courses.

I’ve been running my site since ’09, and it brings in a nice chunk of change through ads, sponsorships, and selling my own books. If you’re curious, here’s how to kick off your own moneymaking blog.

For me, creating online content about pickleball is the best way to cash in on the trend. Unlike coaching, making money online has serious potential for growth.

6)Pickleball Apparel and Merchandise

Why not get creative and sell some pickleball-themed gear? You could whip up branded clothes, hats, bags, or fun novelty items that pickleball fans would love.

Designing t-shirts is a breeze these days—you can do it on Etsy or tons of other online stores.

7) Sponsorships and Partnerships

As you become more known in the pickleball world, you might snag some sponsorships or partnerships with pickleball brands, equipment makers, or other related businesses. They could give you cash or free stuff in exchange for giving their brand a shout-out.

I know this one guy who’s sponsored by Picklefuel, a sports drink. And another dude I know is sponsored by Selkirk, a pickleball paddle maker. As pickleball keeps on growing, the profits and sponsorships from gear makers will too.

8)Become a Professional Pickleball Player

Lastly, if you’re really skilled at pickleball, you might want to think about going pro. You’ll need a rating of 5.0 or higher to get started.

Take folks like Ben Johns, the top male player, sponsored by Joola paddles—he easily pulls in multiple six figures a year. And there’s Anna Leigh Waters, currently dominating the women’s scene in the Professional Pickleball Association (PPA).

To make it, you’ve gotta hit up a ton of tournaments, climb those rankings, and score wins. Now, for most folks, making a living solely from pickleball might be a stretch. But it’s a sweet side hustle on top of your regular gig.

Become a Pickleball Authority to Make Big Bucks

The trick to cashing in on pickleball is becoming an authority. You can achieve that by being a top player and/or having serious know-how. The sooner you start building your rep, the better, ’cause gaining authority doesn’t happen overnight. And as your authority grows, so does your earning potential.

But here’s the deal: Your success in the pickleball money game hinges on stuff like your skills, how much demand there is, the competition, your marketing game, and how much elbow grease you’re willing to put into growing your business or brand. So, do your homework, come up with a solid plan, and be ready to adapt to what your audience wants.

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